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"Nurture Your Soul"

June 28 - 30, 2024.

West Tisbury, MA.


Martha's Vineyard Retreats presents Nurture Your Soul, a weekend escape in the picturesque West Tisbury, Massachusetts. Hosted by wellness-industry leaders Dada Daneshananda, Liila Hass, and Charles Silberstein, the aim of Nurture Your Soul is to allow you to reconnect with nature, enhance your wellness knowledge, and engage in a vibrant, welcoming community.


With yoga classes by experienced teachers focused on the mind-body connection, meditation sessions designed to deliver lasting insights into consciousness and our connection to it and workshops to stimulate the mind, deepen connection and give us tools for our personal growth, this event has it all. 


Our sattvika vegan meals include organic items where possible and our experienced chefs are able to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences (within reason).  Meals are designed to be nutritious, substantial and delicious, thus enhancing the experiences of the weekend.


With movement workshops, music, fun evening entertainment and great food, get ready to enjoy a life-changing weekend, surrounded by the natural beauty and relaxed pace that is the heart of Martha's Vineyard.


Spots are limited so don't hesitate to book! We can't wait to see you there.

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Featured Workshops:

Saturday Morning:

"The Space Between" 


- with Dada Daneshananda

Can we reconcile the paradoxes that distract us on our path?  Beyond language, the workshop explores how meditation lifts our minds from intellectual realms to the clarity of genuine spiritual experience.  The workshop will employ stories, art, dialog and communing with nature, as we seek the essence of what spiritual practice is all about.

Saturday Afternoon:

"Accessing Our Spiritual Selves Through An Internal Family Systems Lens" 


- with Charles Silberstein

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy postulates that we are not unitary beings but rather are made up of parts or subpersonalities.  Using IFS techniques we are able to access the memories, emotions, somatic experiences, and spiritual lives of our inner family.  This workshop will facilitate experiences with the spirituality that exists within all of us (atheists and theists alike).  Charlie Silberstein has been practicing, teaching and training in IFS since 2012.   He has written articles in the lay and academic press about psychiatry and spirituality.

"Movement Lab For Expanded Awareness"


- with Arthur Pacheco & Anna Gibson

Biopsychology is a science that studies the inextricable nature of the mind and body. This workshop will be an experiential space for this science where movement invites subtle perceptions in and between participants. We will practice skills of presence, improvisation, and cooperation to create a soft, connective environment full of discovery.

Sunday Morning:

"The Palm at the End of Mind"


- with Liila Hass & Rob Blakers

During this one-and-a-half-hour workshop, we will work with meditation and our intuitive mind, contemplating nature through various artistic media  (dance, poetry, writing, song, photography, drawing, etc.).  We will explore ways in which our inner guidance can influence the creative process and help us produce art that aligns with our deepest selves.

What else should I expect?

  • Six gorgeous vegan sattvika meals
  • Three yoga classes
  • Three dynamic workshops
  • One movement session
  • Meditation sessions and instruction, including free one-on-one meditation guidance
  • Time in nature
  • A collective Artshare
  • Mantra music 
  • And other fun surprises

Who's hosting?

  • Dada Daneshananda
  • Liila Hass
  • Charles Silberstein
  • Arthur Pacheco
  • Anna Gibson


Find out more about your hosts here.

Where do I sign up?

You can register for the event here. If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at


Check out the event poster below:

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